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5 Simple Self Care Tips for Fall

  • by Nvio Team

As the days become shorter and the weather becomes cooler, many of us have a natural tendency to feel a bit more pessimistic and down. While all of us are going through different things, we wanted to give a few tips around keeping a positive mindset and practicing simple self care. 

  1. Keep Track of Your Achievements: No matter how small a goal - you deserve recognition for what you’ve accomplished. Whether it’s nurturing a relationship, submitting an application, or doing your laundry - you can record this accomplishment, smile, and give yourself a pat on the back.

  2. Express Gratitude: The same way it is important to record what we have done, it is important to take note of what we have. Keep a journal or simply note things you’re happy to have. Everything from a clean mug to a close family is worth noting. 

  3. Move Around: What people say about exercise is true - endorphins increase feelings of happiness. Find a form of physical activity that works for you and try to mix it into your routine.  

  4. Create Something: Whether it’s cooking your favorite meal or attempting to paint for the first time - getting creative allows us to feel relaxed, mindful, and productive. 

  5. Unplug: It does not make you feel better to constantly compare yourself to everyone’s online versions of themselves. Most people only report their success, so it’s tough for us when we only have the highlight reels to compare to. Take time to break away from the screen and recharge by enjoying the incomparable beauty of the moment.


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