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Host the ultimate good-vibes picnic.

by Nvio Team on

With warmer weather comes a renewed desire to worship the sun and breathe in some fresh, outdoorsy air. Spring is a season to stop and smell the roses...

Your inner child is going to adore this pocket-sized sticker printer.

by Nvio Team on

Few things are more nostalgic than a strip of stickers – the universal bedazzlers. Entire childhoods are punctuated by gold stars affixed to notebooks, unicorns stuck to bicycle...

Smash your spring cleaning goals with the Jashen V16 vacuum.

by Nvio Team on

Be honest: how is your personal space looking right now? Is it a spotless oasis, or have you started giving your dust bunnies cute names?  If things are...

Health hacks: our favourite performance-boosting fitness accessories.

by Nvio Team on

Monitoring your wellness trends over time is the best way to paint a complete picture of where you're at right now.

The natural way to fall asleep, go back to sleep, and just get a good night’s sleep.

by Nvio Team on

It’s late at night (or way too early in the morning), and you just can’t...fall...asleep! With each passing minute, your window for restful, restorative slumber becomes smaller and smaller....

Manta Sleep Mask: Bringing you the best possible power nap.

by Nvio Team on

It’s mid-afternoon in mid-week, you’ve got a 60-minute break in your calendar, and your energy level just dropped to zero. You don’t want to do another coffee this late...

Fall Home Hacks

by Nvio Team on

Many experts agree that fall cleaning is actually more important than its better-known counterpart, spring cleaning. Now, we’re not saying you should spend the entire weekend on your...

It’s all in your head: how to design a mentally healthy home.

by Nvio Team on

Restful, restorative sleep. Mindfulness. Mandatory rest days. Relaxation techniques. Breathing fresh, clean air.  Everybody knows that such “self-care” or mental health practices are helpful, but reality check -...

Take a minute to get to know us!

by Nvio Team on

Hey! We’re Nvio. We curate a thoughtful selection of products designed to add real value to your daily life. Whatever your personal itch might be, we want to help...

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