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We encourage visitors and members of the Nvio community to understand the motivations behind our partner brands. Connect with the original problem a brand decided to solve, learn the story behind the life enhancing products, and discover how that problem was redefined with a new experience.

Fingerprint personalized security padlocks.

BenjiLock by Hamilton

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Europe’s #1 leading brand in health and wellbeing.


Shop Beurer

Hydroponic self-watering indoor gardening kit.


Shop Botanium

Handmade ceramic objects inspired by Mexican culture.

Cecilia Mejia Design

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Candles hand cast in Quebec and made with a vegan blend of apricot and coconut wax.

Coco Chandelle

Shop Coco Chandelle

Energy-efficient charging solutions with Italian-designed elegance.


Shop Eggtronic

Diffusers and essential oils to soothe the body and mind.


Shop Ellia

Powerful eco-friendly charging solutions.

Goal Zero

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Connect your world. Simplify your home.


Shop Google

World leader of in-home wellness products.


Shop HoMedics

Superior sound quality, sustainability, and commitment to charitable causes.

House of Marley

House of Marley

Fresh audio technology with bold designs.

JAM Audio

Shop JAM Audio

Pioneer of innovative and affordable household appliances.


Shop Jashen

The Off-switch for menstrual cramps.


Shop Livia

Fall asleep faster. Naturally sleep better.


Shop Livlab

Upgrade your sleep with 100% blackout sleep masks.

Manta Sleep

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Small smart products to make a better life.


Shop MiLi

The smartest aroma diffuser with customizable scents.


Shop Moodo

Stay charged up with the leader in portable power banks.


Shop Mophie

Make the memories last with instant cameras, printers, and film.


Shop Polaroid

Inkless portable printer that prints stickers, images, to-do lists and more.


Shop Poooliprint

Quality electronics for every day use at honest prices.


Shop Xiaomi

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