About Us

We're Nvio

Deep down, everyone’s got their own itch to scratch.

Solving that singular stressor that we know could make such a big difference in the way we feel, function, and grow. Perhaps we struggle to sleep well, we don’t exercise enough, we feel unfocused or we miss feeling connected to nature. 

Whatever that struggle may be, we see it as an opportunity. An opportunity to learn, to build community, and to find out what makes us feel happy and healthy.

And we’ve come to realize that the brands and products we truly love are the ones that help us tackle those challenges – that make us feel like we’re investing in ourselves. 

We devoted years to building an Airbnb-like platform for retail called Matagora, connecting unique products with select spaces and suitable clients. Now, with Nvio, we’ve created the digital storefront we’ve always wanted for ourselves.

Because fundamentally, we believe that when passionate, forward-thinking brands are given the opportunity to increase their reach with their brilliant ideas, we not only win as a company, but as consumers and communities too.


Our Mission

We’ve made it our mission to introduce innovative brands that thoughtfully add real, demonstrable value to our lives. 

We’re proudly Canadian, we work with local suppliers whenever, and as much as possible. And in this moment of global uncertainty where we've clearly see just how interdependent we all are, we are committed to doing our part: we're donating 5% from every purchase to a Community Response and Recovery Fund from the United Way of Canada.