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Your inner child is going to adore this pocket-sized sticker printer.

  • by Nvio Team

Few things are more nostalgic than a strip of stickers – the universal bedazzlers. Entire childhoods are punctuated by gold stars affixed to notebooks, unicorns stuck to bicycle helmets, and aquatic creatures glued to bed frames. But why should kids have all the fun?

Poooliprint (that's three O's, not a typo) is bringing stickers into the adult-o-sphere with its pint-sized pocket printers.

Each printer uses thermal technology, so there is absolutely no need to refill any ink. Ever. As long as you have the free Poooli app (available on iOS and Android), you can design custom stickers on your mobile device, then instantly print them out no matter where you are.

What can I do with my Poooli printer?

Poooli printables are way more than something cute to look at. Thanks to an incredible variety of different paper rolls, you can use your printer to create to-do lists and labels, and of course, ornamental stickers that are perfect for journaling and scrapbooking. If it's text or a picture, you can print it onto a sticker (or regular paper!) with Poooli.

  • Create sticky (and non-sticky) to-do lists and labels
  • Print pictures directly from your cell phone
  • Design fun stickers for journaling and scrapbooking
  • Glam up any surface with stick-able pictures

White paper

As the most versatile member of the Pooolipaper family, this product can be used to print virtually any type of note, image, or list. Also available as sticker paper!

Pastel paper

Add a splash of colour to your life! This collection includes a roll of blue, pink, and yellow paper, so you can live out your pastel dreams. 

Sticky coloured paper

With this many incredible colours at your fingertips, you'll be in sticker heaven. Print up to 600 pictures and sticky notes per pack!

Semi-transparent sticky paper

Feeling fancy? This semi-transparent sticker roll has an elegant frosted finish. Stick your creations on any surface and this Poolipaper will let the background show through.

To browse Poooli’s complete range of paper, washi tape, and labels, click here.

Where can I find Poooli products?

Our online store is always open, and right now, you can also check out Poooli’s printers and paper IRL at Café Code Noir in Montreal.

To see Poooliprint in action, keep an eye out for our TikTok!


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