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Fall Home Hacks

  • by Nvio Team

Many experts agree that fall cleaning is actually more important than its better-known counterpart, spring cleaning. Now, we’re not saying you should spend the entire weekend on your knees scrubbing your floors, but we’ve assembled a quick check-list of 5 no-cost actions that will boost your home’s comfort level for winter.

Clean your vents - You don’t want your HVAC system or even conventional baseboard heaters blowing hot dust at you. Bust out your hand-held vacuum or some canned air and clear those out!

Test your smoke detector - or install one of the newer ones with the ten-year battery. It’s candle season!

Vacuum your upholstery - You’ll be cuddling on the couch instead of lounging by the pool. Don’t cuddle with months of crumbs!

Flip Your mattress - you were going to change the sheets anyway (hello flannel!) and this ensures your mattress wears evenly. Also, adding a soft blanket under your fitted sheet 

Wash your windows -  upgrade your view of the fall colours, at no charge! Plus, clean windows let in more sunlight, so you’ll enjoy a brighter home and perhaps even save a little on your heating bill?

Bonus: Grab a damp cloth or sponge and run it along the tops edges of all your door and window frames. It'll take less than 5 minutes, and you’ll have removed the oldest, thickest layer of dust in your home.


Pro-tip: Covid-19 has ensured that everyone’s got a mask around. Why not give your lungs (and nose) a break and wear it while doing dusty or smelly tasks, like cleaning the kitty litterbox or taking out the garbage?


Best of all, these are all quick-and-mostly-easy, so you can knock one out every afternoon, and within a week you’ll be enjoying a cleaner, brighter, tidier home for the winter season! 


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