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Manta Sleep Mask: Bringing you the best possible power nap.

  • by Nvio Team

It’s mid-afternoon in mid-week, you’ve got a 60-minute break in your calendar, and your energy level just dropped to zero. You don’t want to do another coffee this late in the day, there’s no time for a decent run/stroll/yoga session, but you’ve still got two more Zoom calls before the end of the workday and your brain is officially fried.

Have you considered doing what, biologically speaking, humans are supposed to do when they are tired or sleepy, namely, take some rest in the form of a short nap? Or at least lie down for a little while?

We napped as babies and toddlers. In hot countries like Spain or Italy, the “siesta”, or mid-day nap, is still an everyday occurrence. There’s evidence that humans are in fact bi-phasic sleepers, which is a fancy way of saying that we’ve evolved to crash out at around 2 pm anyway.

According to researcher and leading sleep expert Dr. Matthew Walker, one of the five pillars of good sleep hygiene is black-out darkness. It’s obviously not possible in the middle of the day, but a high quality sleep mask makes a huge difference.

And recent research indicates that napping is a key to better mental focus and productivity, and our new pandemic-oriented schedule has more and more of us taking that afternoon break.

Don’t confuse this baby with those cheap freebies you get on a charter flight to your all-inclusive beach destination. This top-of-the-line model is the last sleep mask you’ll ever buy.

The Manta Sleep doesn’t put any pressure on your eyes, because it doesn’t actually touch your eyelids! Its soft, 100% blackout eye cups fit around your eyebrow and cheek, and they are infinitely adjustable to any face shape.

Your ears remain uncovered, so you can add the included earplugs or simply pop in earbuds and listen to some relaxing music. Wireless earbuds are great for this: no wires tugging anywhere, and if you’re a side-sleeping napper, just wear one on the side facing the ceiling. If you don’t tolerate earbuds while napping, a dedicated white noise device might be just the thing you need to gently push you over the edge into dreamland.

Our new reality is looking more like a marathon than a sprint. Take that nap! Your body, your brain, and even your boss will all appreciate the version of you that chooses to optimize your own rest and recovery. 


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