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Meet the Founder - Cecilia Mejia Design

  • by Nvio Team

During our interview with founder Cecilia Mejia, we learned about the drive and inspiration behind her diverse collection of ceramic home decor designs. With an educational background in architecture and interior design, matched with her recently developed love for ceramics, Cecilia has been able to create a full collection of unique pieces that show off the deep love and inspiration stemming from her Mexican roots. 

What was the mission to start this brand? What is your driving purpose?

"The drive and purpose behind my brand started with a dream to show the world what the new elements of Mexican design are all about. While the tradition and richness in materials of older Mexican design is still apparent in my work, they blend together with contemporary shapes, to create a more modern and sophisticated result.

When I moved to Canada, I had to explore new potential career paths - since my degrees in Mexico were not seen as equivalent. I was considering restudying architecture or perhaps looking into doing something a bit more creative. In the meantime, I was working at sanding and ceramics workshops. After some months went by, my boss was confident in my talent and my prior background in furniture, interior design, and architecture. I loved the creative patterns options with a medium like clay and felt encouraged to go after my love for home decoration and furniture by finally starting my own business."

What makes your brand different from other brands? 

"The main thing that differentiates my brand is the fact that all my designs are handmade. But beyond that, each piece tells a unique story. I create every piece with a different Mexican name because it references my different inspirations. For example, the wall planter, Nido, means nest in Spanish and I wanted this design to represent what immigration was for me. The texture of the planter is inspired by the nests of Weaver birds. Since nests are made from plants, and the planter is meant to house a plant, the design in a way represents starting the process anew. The process of immigration is similar to me; one must establish a new home in the place to where one has been transplanted. 

Overall, each of my brand’s pieces are one-of-a-kind, possess a unique spanish name, and tell a story through their design and inspiration."

What’s the one thing you want consumers to recognize about your brand? 

"Although it might be difficult to recognize when looking at individual pieces, it is certainly more clear when looking at my collection as a whole. I’m trying to show how my roots and the inspirations from my home country of Mexico can create a beautiful blend between contemporary and rustic elements. I want people to recognize my brand for this blend and the ability of my pieces to fit almost anywhere. This is how my brand embodies my roots."

What physical / social / personal benefits do your products provide for a consumer?

"When I got to Canada, I noticed that the interior furniture of a lot of houses looked exactly the same. I wanted to create home decor items that aren’t available everywhere and that mean something beyond their utility. I wanted to provide a style of decoration that goes well and complements any other styles. This furthers the juxtaposition between the traditional and the contemporary. So no matter your age, location, or style - my home decor items will fit well into your space.

Even if the layout in your home is the same as many others, by choosing my decor you can recognize your home as different. It will contain home decor that is unique, has meaning, and will not be found at all the others."

As someone representing your brand - how would you ideally like to be presented? 

"When I first moved here I wasn’t so confident in sharing the pride for my Mexican roots, because I know people tend to have different perceptions and it was important for me to fit in. With time, I became more and more comfortable and was proud to share my roots. This isn’t always easy to communicate - but for me it is important for people who buy or sell my designs to know where I come from and the special stories behind my pieces."


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