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Meet the Founder - Coco Chandelle

  • by Nvio Team

During our interview with the founder of Coco Chandelle, Coralie Carrier, she walks us through what differentiates her brand from others and what benefits her brand's products have for ourselves and the environment at large.

What was the mission to start this brand? What is your driving purpose?

"I wanted to start a business that had a positive impact on the environment. For me, any small steps towards a better environment are steps in the right direction. I noticed amongst my friends that most people loved candles, and other bath and body products. I wanted to make products that are natural and renewable for our bodies. While there are obviously many candle brands, I noticed there were few small batch and environmentally focused brands. When people hear Coco Chandelle, I want them to think that my products are accessible, good for us, and positive for the environment."

What makes your brand different from other brands? 

"I know there are a lot of candle companies and it’s often difficult to differentiate. I want to emphasize that my candle brand is a 100% local process handmade with care. Also, as a small business, I try to stand out by using and creating fragrances that are out of the ordinary."

What’s the one thing you want consumers to recognize about your brand?

"I want consumers to recognize my brand for making eco-conscious decisions."

What physical/social/personal benefits do your products provide for a consumer? 

"My products are made from natural and renewable sources. The candle wax comes from coconuts and apricots. I also only use fragrances that contain no toxins, in consideration of the planet and our lungs. My products create a ritualistic experience of relaxation and an overall feeling of well-being."

As someone representing your brand - how would you ideally like to be presented? 

"I would like any representation of my brand to focus on the fact that my brand is completely eco-responsible, from the initial product manufacturing to the final packaging. It is a brand that represents high quality and a positive gesture towards the environment. Lighting a Coco Chandelle should be a small daily ritual that allows consumers to create a moment to focus on their well being."


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