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The natural way to fall asleep, go back to sleep, and just get a good night’s sleep.

  • by Nvio Team

It’s late at night (or way too early in the morning), and you just can’t...fall...asleep! With each passing minute, your window for restful, restorative slumber becomes smaller and smaller. And worrying just makes things worse. What can you do?

Home remedies like warm milk and cookies, or the world’s most boring novel, or a soothing mug of chamomile tea? Tried, and failed. Prescription sleeping pills will knock you out, but chemical sedation carries its own risks, and doesn’t actually provide the benefits of normal sleep. Sleep is essential for your health, productivity and mental focus. You need a tested, proven solution, and you need it now!

We’ve all heard of natural solutions for sleeplessness, like meditation, yoga, relaxation techniques, and even cognitive behavioral therapy...But for those of us who cannot afford to spend the time and money on these options, the bright folks at LIVLAB have created a sleep aid that instantly replicates the benefits of those practices. Meet Dodow, the light-based metronome system that gently lulls you to sleep. This little device sits on your night table and projects a rhythmic blue light onto the ceiling above your bed. All you need to do is breathe in sync with the soft blue glow, and in as little as 8 minutes, your brain and body are in the soothing, relaxed state needed to drift off to sleep.

If you need a little more help, a dedicated white noise device might be just what you need to gently push you over the edge into dreamland. More than half a million people already use Dodow, and on average they fall asleep or get back to sleep 2.5 times faster than before. 

Internationally-recognized sleep researcher Dr. Matthew Walker knows that adequate sleep isn’t just a question of feeling rested. Your nightly sleep is when your body repairs and rejuvenates itself. Chronic sleep loss increases your risk of cancer, Alzheimer’s, obesity and diabetes, and can even shorten your lifespan!

The importance of quality sleep grows with each passing day (and sleepless night), so why wait? Invest in your continued well-being right now!


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